Thursday, March 12, 2009

One step forward, two steps back.

Saturday is my cousin Jessica's baby shower. It's her first baby and she's had a really rough go of it. Nothing has been easy, but the end is drawing near for her to meet her precious gift from God. Her very dear friend planned the shower for her and asked me to make her cake. I was so excited to participate since I was not able to throw the shower myself.

Then there was last night. Brenna woke up in the middle of the night fighting to breathe. It was an easy diagnosis, croup. I've had experience with croup with Cooper at age 3. It was very scary for him since he was so little. The best thing about an older child having croup is their ability to calm down and not make the situation worse by panicking or crying. I was able to give Brenna some Motrin for her fever and some water and she was able to sleep the rest of the night rather well.

She didn't sound much better this morning, so we went to the doctor. To my shock and disbelief, she also has bronchitis and possibly pneumonia! I've never seen any of my babies get this sick so quickly. She went to school yesterday and really didn't start feeling bad until dinner time.

After a day of running around in the rain and cold from the doctor, to get an x-ray, prescriptions, and Cooper from school. We are finally in our warm home.

I'm sad that I'll miss my cousin's baby shower and I'll miss seeing my Grandmother and Aunts. I'm sad that my baby girl is so sick. I'm sad that I won't be able to make the cake I promised. However, I'm so happy that my family understands my situation and would never get upset with me for not coming. I'm happy that God has provided the provisions to care for Brenna and the resources to make her fell better.

My blog update may take a little longer that I had planned, but it will get there, eventually.


rachelpetty said...

At least you were invited to the shower.

I am sorry that Brenna is feeling bad, please let us know if we can do anything to help you guys.

rachelpetty said...
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Deborah said...

I hope things are going better around your house. We were in town for a quick dinner with Don and Genni Friday night and drove by...the Azelea's look so beautiful! I miss them :-) I miss the trees and the shade too.