Friday, April 24, 2009

In The Clear?

I thought after all of the chaos of the last few weeks, things would clear up and not be so hectic. They did clear up...for a little while.

Brenna enjoyed her Girl Scout Daisy Tea Party. The girls rotated around stations of having their nails and hair done, making a craft, and a snack and even earning one of their petals. After the rotations were done, they sat down for their Tea. Everyone enjoyed some pink lemonade, tea sandwiches and cookies all served on Rose Depression Glass. During their tea they discussed using their manners while at the table and phone etiquette. I think the best part for the girls was being served by the Brownies.

This lovely storm greeted us on our way home from visiting my Dad in Montgomery. Not long after this picture was taken, we were showered with marble-sized hail. It was very loud and scared the kids worse than going through one of those gas station car washes. We were fortunate not to have had any damage.

On some much nicer days, the kids and I enjoyed some time outside. Lily was eating her snack and coloring with some sidewalk chalk. Avery and Brenna shredded some leaves in the back tire of Brenna's bike. Brenna actually came up with the idea when her bike was stuck with the back tire off of the ground. I never understood the point, but it sure did keep the kids busy for a while.

We were also able to sneak in a quick trip to Galveston. We stopped in to eat at our favorite new place to eat called The Spot. It's right on the seawall, the prices are good and so is the food. The island is coming back to life slowly, but surely. They have replaced a good part of the beach along the seawall and many places have reopened. There is still a lot of work to be done. Some of the same piles we saw in December were still there in March. I admire the spirit of those who are rebuilding and will stay on the island to insure the island will return to the way it was before Ike.
We began our planning for Easter and had every one's clothes ready, the eggs and baskets were ready to go and then came Good Friday. I began having some pain in a tooth that had cracked and broken over a year ago. I never had the tooth looked at because the break was not horrible and I was not in any pain, until Good Friday. By mid afternoon, I was in severe pain. The dentist's office closed at 2:00 and the on-call doctor would not go anything for me. We went to the Good Friday service at church and then let the kids go hunt eggs with some friends. I was able to bum some pain medication from my dear friend and waited until Monday to see the dentist. After seeing the dentist, I learned that all of my pain was due to an infection in my tooth that would require a root canal, but not before the infection was cured. The soonest I could get my root canal was one week later. I spent the week on the couch with pain medication. I told several people I would gladly endure labor again if it meant I did not have this pain in my tooth.
This last Tuesday I had my first root canal. Not fun, but no more pain! This Sunday, we will finally have the Easter celebration with our family that we missed. In the clear? I don't know. We'll see for how long!


Anonymous said...

OOh I love your spot! The music, your Bible verses and what darling children! Nice to meet you
Jessie at Blog Schmog