Sunday, May 31, 2009

Locks of Love

This past Saturday, Brenna finally decided to go through with her BIG haircut! We have been talking about donating her hair to Locks of Love for some time now. The last 4-5 times we went to get it done, she chickened out. One of her fears was that no one would recognize her. Brenna's long locks have been part of what has made her Brenna. I reminded her that everyone would notice if she cut off all of her hair. She was still not convinced. But I think after suffering through me brushing her hair and being in tears from the pain she has had to endure from those brushings, she finally cried "uncle".

So Saturday, Brenna and I loaded up in the car and headed to the mall. Normally I don't try to spend a lot of money on haircuts. Brenna usually just needs a trim and Avery's style is not included in my skill level of Cosmetology. But this day was special. After making some phone calls I found out that Snip-It's (Hair salon for kids) participated in the Locks of Love program and would make sure we got the length right and they take care of shipping the hair to Locks of Love. Brenna had a very lovely stylist named Rhonda. Rhonda ended up getting TWO ponytails out of Brenna's thick hair. That was very exciting and made Brenna feel really good about her decision.

I have to say, after the ponytails were cut and Rhonda laid them on the counter while she completed Brenna's haircut, I could not help but think that I was like a body part laying there. It is not my goal to be gross or morbid here, but I could not get that thought out of my head. Brenna's hair was such a part of her and now it was detached and laying there on the counter. Weird, I know.
I promised Brenna that I would not post her final picture until after our Family Reunion this weekend. You just have to wait. Did she keep it long or go even shorter? Is it straight or curly? Check back next Sunday to find out!


Dawn (dandy) said...

What an icredible little girl you have! Donating her hair (2 pony tails wow) is such a special gift.

And I am sure that she is absolutely beautiful with her new hair cut.